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hey guys   
10:49pm 30/05/2008
  hi, bad news.
they've cancelled the tuesday night of our show so all you guys won't be able to come.
however, apparently we're doing an 'open dress' so i might be able to get a few people into that. i'm gonna talk to steve tomorrow, its all very hazy. he said anyone with issues on it could come and speak to him so i'll see what i can do and let you know asap. sorry to be a pain :(

hope you're all well :)

ps. on the plus side, we have a 3rd act now!
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holy crap...   
01:28am 19/08/2007
mood: sore
i'm not quite sure what i've done to my profile lol. but i think i like it. still fathoming out all this LiveJournal stuff, its more confusing than myspace and bebo.
i feel so pathetic, i've spent the night watching tv (yes, X Factor) with my mum and drinking wine. now shes been put to bed and i'm still drinking said wine whilst tirelessly debating in my head whether it is sad to be sitting drinking wine by myself, however, making no effort whatsoever to stop...
i've decided i don't want to go to bed and therefore am bringing my sleeping bag to the couch and sticking Love Actually in.
yass, scooch are on tv! i can't believe so many people dont remember them, i saw them in the steps tour. wooh! my brother had the caldendar and everything. and The Cheeky Girls just had the cheek to go "Scooch? who?!" pfft. go back to Transylvania. Wow, Prince is craazyy! he's like Michael Jackson but worse. Apparently I'm watching Most Annoying Pop Moments. they got that part right.
anyway, i'm going to head off now and apologise for my incredibly pointless post but people in my house will go to bed and leave me with nobody to speak to. huh.
goodnight :)
its a sad sad day...   
02:09am 16/08/2007
mood: drained
I hate to tell you all this, it pains me a great deal, however I must warn you all; Lewis was right. The Vulva is indeed a car. I just hope he was too drunk to remember us looking it up on the internet otherwise we all have to admit he was right. In the meantime, NOBODY MENTION IT! We can't say anything that might trigger his memory.
I can't believe he was right...
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i'm sad :(   
12:37pm 08/08/2007
mood: blah
i miss you guys. i wanna be back in liverpool. i wanna go to HQ and make fun of Lewis and steal James' clothes some more. pfft.
Its strange, I woke up on monday morning so lost and depressed haha, i wanted to say good morning to everyone but was all alone lol.
i think we should all just move in together.
i'm just wasting time here. i had a singing lesson this morning and have to get the train into town for my piano lesson in an hour so I should probably go, i just can't muster up the energy.
Allan told me I should use this more often but I have nothing interesting to say which is why I don't. I do check it every day though for some reason. I wish I did have something interesting to say. In fact, i should start being more interesting, then I'd be able to say something interesting.
okay, i'm going now lol.
see you all tomorrow - thank god!
:) xxx
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01:17am 06/06/2007
  our taxi shall be here in 45 minutes :)

i'm so excited and after brief case-weight disaster all is well and ready.
now i just have to wait...

i saw Andrew's showcase tonight, it was great and he was fantastic :)

ahh! i'm waiting on limewire downloading some cool songs haha. i finally got my camera back, however it is so utterly unusable. I can see the pictures that i had taken before...just. lol

shit pams here lol

byeee everyone!!!
look what I did...   
12:52pm 31/05/2007
mood: frustrated
aren't I clever?

i figured it out and everything.
I would play about some more but I need to get back to studying...
Not being at school, I've become quite accustomed to Jeremy Kyle, This Morning and Loose Women. Its not good.
I want t go on holiday!